Artist Open Houses May 2024

Artist Open Houses May 2024

Things are warming up for the Artists Open House at ours and the AOH information is now live.

Cloud Trousers

Please note that we are not open on the first weekend, but have a private view 10th May, then are open 11th and 12th, 18th and 19th, 25th and 26th May.

My artists listing:

Cinecittà Sandals

Here is Lisa Jansen’s listing, who is showing work with me:

Great Dixter Topiary Lawn II

I’ve just created a new Instagram profile with Lisa Jansen for the artists open house, follow us @studio.two_parkcrescent

I’m still thinking about ‘Sargent and Fashion’ at Tate Britain and can’t wait to buy the catalogue.

Two Girls in White Dresses, John Singer Sargent, 1909-11

This picture, given a French title ‘Nonchaloir’, ‘repose’ in English, was originally called ‘nonchalance’ which seems to fit the scene portrayed a little better to me. By 1911, when it was painted, Sargent had decided he wanted to ‘experiment with more imaginary fields’ and move away from conventional portraiture, which had rewarded him handsomely up to this point.

The subject is his niece, Rose Marie Ormand, who is almost lost in the extravagant folds of her dress and shawl, gazing away into the distance. The size of the room is hinted at by the colossal picture frame that occupies the top part of the painting.

Sargent called her ‘the most charming girl that ever lived’ but her life was short and touched with tragedy. Her husband was killed in the trenches and Rose-Marie died in Paris in 1918 during the German shelling of the city with a new ‘super gun’. She was 24.

In the aftermath of her death Sargent travelled to France as a war artist.

I hope you have a good week.


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