Artists Open House Hang and ‘Sargent and Fashion’

Artists Open House Hang and ‘Sargent and Fashion’

For the Artists Open House I’m getting the paintings in the living room hung early. I’d say it’s looking good.

I am still working hard to refine my ideas on painting fabric in order to submit an application for some funding. 

On Friday we had a great day at Tate Britain looking at the nimble and evanescent brushwork of John Singer Sargent. The exhibition, Sargent & Fashion, puts the sitters outfits front and centre, it’s focus is to dazzle you with the clothes and it succeeds brilliantly, the painting of fabric is ravishing, I recommend it. 

Some favourites were:

‘Sybil Sassoon, the Countess of Rocksavage’ 1913

‘The Duchess of Portland’ 1902

‘Miss Elsie Palmer, or A Lady in White’ 1889-90

‘Dr Pozzi at Home’ 1881

Have a great week.


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