I love Fiona's work and these studies painted onto board have a translucent quality that gives them a real presence in our living room. A few visitors have already remarked on them and asked for her details.

Anna Robinson

This series by Fiona uses a wash of paint that captures the light in a beautiful way. I often work at this desk and enjoy looking at them as the image is slightly enigmatic, making you ask, 'who is this person and what attitude are they striking?'

Robert Harris

Fiona was a delight to buy from. I did not have to think long about the purchase, despite not planning to! And she brought it to me really quickly, a bonus. I had seen the fabulous ``Hands`` series, with fabric that belied the simple brush strokes, before. This one really delighted me. The picture is 'For Me' so the title made me smile. It is joyous and yet calm. I feel quite a feminine image, not just because it may be of a woman. Happy picture, happy client. Thankyou Fiona.

Tammy Griffiths

Fiona's work is vibrant and a great addition to my living space. The painting a pleasure to the senses and the purchase process was intuitive and smooth.

Lea Wills